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 sch october 2002 gigs report

  • Budapest, October 3rd, 2002

    Well, not many people speak English in Budapest. That's the first impression of the place. Even the officials and custome-house officers "fight" with English. Everyone does, except a woman who sells railway tickets.

    Hungarian border officers like small or huge gifts in money or anything. One of them was rather interested in our money. I didn't want to give it to him. I took the money from his hand. I didn't even want to give him scabby 20 Croatian kunas. Nor SCH cd. I asked him for 10 euro for the cd. And it was only because of "merhametly" Armin's intervention that I decided to give him one copy of the Vril as a gift. I ran out after him and gave it. Didn't piss.

    Also, all the official information is written in Hungarian. The same situation with English language was and is in Czech Republic and in the other ex Warsaw-Pact countries. Probably. But this is going to be changed, I think.

    Unbelievebly, some of the people in MU Theatar we talked to were very concerned about their own culture. I can't swallow that, man! They have all the foreign movies and stuff dubbed. You cannot hear a bloody word in a foreign language and still some of them are complaining about their "lost culture".

    We, in former Yugoslavia had a really good experience on this matter. We always had original films with the titles under the pictures. Had bloody coca cola and other Western shit, but we never lost our culture (fuck the culture). Better, we now have so many people capable of speaking English or whatever, and it is so cool. We had mostly learnt the language by watching movies and listening to the rock music. Someone should say to the people of these countries: "learning and speaking English, and watching movies in Enghlish, wouldn't harm your culture, if it's so important". And I hate watching dubbed movies and programs. No matter on what dubbing quality they have.

    Anyway. I like Hungary a lot. And Armin likes it too. It's my second homeland.


    Bela Marias of TUDOSOK is the main "engine" and ideologist of the BIG EAR festival in Budapest. This is a very cool festival. It's always, mostly, about the "kinkiest" music in the world. It's a pity that people in Sarajevo would never have a possibility to hear something like that in their town, because the people who organize gigs here are "peasants". But they should see and hear it, in order to be informed. Then, everybody would be very careful about telling things like advanced, progresive music or something! This is a really advanced and completely uncommercial festival. (No journalists or media showed up there. I don't know why. They should have. Maybe. Maybe not.)

    MU Theatar is a nice place. It has a cafe downstairs and a large room upstairs for the performances.

    We were a bit sceptic when saw it, but when we started playing, it turned out really good. People enjoyed our gig. They wanted more. We were deaf and cruel, so we didn't play more. It was so spontaneous. Cool atmosphere.

    There was a huge screen behind us and we played our video on it. We looked like bloody Pink Floyd, ay! This was our first gig after seven-years-pause and we weren't quite sure about the "sufficiency" of the line-up consisted of two men. Really, it was an experiment. The techinca-people (light show, video and sound) were profesional and a huge help.

    At the beginning, I said several sentences in English which is always needed to be done when you get in front of audience. That way you "confirm" the audiences existence and show that the gig is not a bloody EGO TRIP.

    I said: Hello, we are SCH from Sarajevo, Bosnia. This is going to have to be a certain amount of violent sound now. We would like to thank to the people in MKC (DPZN) club for they supported this trip to Budapest for us. And, IT'S AMAZING, MAN. Some people from one country (Slovenia), have financed a band (SCH) from other country (Bosnia), to trip and gig to the third country (Hungary). Does this mean something to the bloody fagots in Sarajevo?!! So, we are greatful to DPZN for this unusual and thankworthy deed.

    Bela Marias of Tudosok and his wife were very nice to us. They "staffed" us with good Chinese food and drinks. After all, I sold several cds. PUMP ME UP, BABY!! Forintas, ugh, uf! Pushing money - left pocket, right pocket, he he. We really took the skin off of the rabbit there. There was no need to "cram it on the dick".

    Some girls were interested in a communication with us, but it was impossible. They spoke Hungarian only. I don't like drunk cunts. They have bad breath, ugh!

    He was *a motherfucker*, a guy of middle age. Permanently saying every word or phrase 20 times. So, 20 times he said that I looked like a German and Klaus Kinsky. He became my favourite, he "tossed the right string" for me (some girls told me the same thing before). Thanks a lot.

    Armin got into a conversation with a man who had known almost everything about SCH and it made me raise my tail up over my head. We never played a gig in Hungary. Never even "passed water" nor a CD over Hungary and you can imagine how I felt.

    SCH is stroooong, ay!

    Of course we could shag something if we had enough time.

    Still, we were so exhausted. Around 2 o'clock we decided to go to sleep. We got the room with 4 beds in it. We should take some groupies with us. There was enough space. As soon as we fell asleep (it seemed so), we hardly heard the knocking at the door. It was the woman of the reception. She was ordered to get us up at 5:30. No hangover can compare to the dizziness we had that morning in our heads. We packed all the things and got out. I gave some 5 euro to the smiling reception-woman and staggered out of the hotel. Grabbed a taxi which drove us to the train station.

    Water, chips, tickets, things and we are already cling-clanging on our way to Ljubljana.

    The gig was successful, no doubt.

    Thanks to Aurelia

  • Ljubljana, October 4th, 2002

    In Ljubljana, Gregor of Žoambo Žoet Workestrao was waiting for us when we got there. He took us by car to the "Metelkova - Menza pri koritu", gave us some pizza and coffee. We spoke with him about politics, music and our gig that night. Gregor is a clever guy. A convinced humanist. He did a lot of good cultural/political actions with the "Society for Protection of Atheistic Feelings".

    So, after a while, we set off to the Radio ŠTUDENT. Cool radio station!! The best in this part of Europe, probably. Permanently good music and activities. It has been broadcasting for more than 20 years now. Tea was the name of the girl who interviewed us. I was talking, and talking, and talking so much that others didn't have an opportunity to say anything. Sorry guys! The conversation was all about the VRIL album. Gregor asked for my opinion about the THEORY OF CONSPIRACY and if I believed that a sort of WORLD CONSPIRACY was at work in the "Bosnian case".

    Of course not, but the slow, clumsy and confusing reaction of the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY during the "shit" that was happening makes a lot of our people think about a possible conspiracy. It's understandable, isn't it?

    Then, we met Alenka. A nice person. She's got all the attributes of a perfect modern woman without complexes.

    And besides that, she cooks so good, man.

    The meal she made for us was *HEAD-ACHES* good. It was that tasty. And she let us drink as much as we could (we didn't misuse it).

    One funny guy (won't say his name) drank with us, joked, laughed a lot (Armin told some good jokes). He smoked, and smoked weed, waiting for the SCH gig. And then disappeared. When we, later on, went backstage to get ready for the show, we found him lying down, sleeping. Completely passed out.

    He didn't see the gig although he really seemed looking forward to see us.

    Ha ha ha, funny. I like him.

    Our friends from Koper came to see us. Šik Andrej, Ivanček and some other people came. I was so delighted. I love you guys. We kept making jokes and laughing loud.

    Marko Brecelj and Arijana were there. Very important people in my life.

    Soon after our gig finished, they left. They were in the midst of Marko's political campaign.

    I remember, two years ago, Marko and the people who were COMPRISING their independent list for the comunal elections, made promo-photo posters for the campaign. They all put some crazy masks on their heads and took pictures like that. Then, they made the posters of the photo and spread them all round Koper. Ha ha.

    Of course they didn't win the elections. And they didn't care. Cooool people.

    I have to say that Gregor, Alenka and others at the club did everything they could to make things around the gig work perfectly. Slovenians always seem like a "cold audience". But they are not as cold as all that. They are a good audience. The COMPOSITION of the people who come to the gigs is much better than in other places. It's predominantly consisting of the "thinking bodies" and I appreciate that a lot. Because, better 50 of these, than 1000 of "the headless" who show up looking for the "exorcist". Or looking for some cheap fun.

    However, they warmed up after a few songs and they enjoyed the SCH gig. I hope. Our friends from Koper contributed to the atmosphere by giving us loud support. Better have a decent applause in Ljubljana, than ovations elsewhere.

    The people who organize events in this club "Metelkova-Menza pri koritu" are not much into ELECTRONICA. They don't like it, they don't play it there and they just made an exception for the SCH gig, maybe because SCH has some credit since the "old times"- since the period when we were considered the "real alternative".

    After the show, Gregor drove us to the hotel (nice place with all the required elements including sports facilities). We slept like babies.

    The next afternoon we left for Zagreb.

    PS. The only bad thing is that Gregor never sent the promissed video cass. with our gig taped on.

    Thanks to Aurelia.

  • Zagreb, October 5th, 2002

    "The train to Zagreb is very busy", said a girl who stood on the platform in the train station, welcoming us with this annoucement. No, it was not a train-hostess. She was just a passenger. "Ok", I said. "If you find some free places then tell us, ay!"

    Around five minutes later she returned. She had found a coupe with just one person in it. And there was another girl there. She was wearing a mini-skirt. Lucky us, ay, he, he. They both were Slovenian. But, unlike the first girl who was completely urban, communicative and open-minded, the "mini-skirt" one was obviously from a little place, as she was shy and a bit scared. However, her shyness was cute. We understood that and didn't want to scare her even more. She was rather scared of the other pretty girl who entered the coupe with us. And it was true. "Our" girl was real bomb, you ox!! Top-model. "Ears falling off, man", ugh!! And similar people "recognize" each other immediately. So, soon after the shy girl got off the train in a small Slovenian town, we all struck up a conversation. And I tell you, she is not only nice. She's also clever. And completely "simpa". Well, we talked, talked and smoked, smoked as "Turks". Music, politics, fashion and stuff. He he, "Since Teno had started using *clorette*, he became a fashon-model". See me on a TV fasion-show, yeah!"

    We spent two days in Zagreb. Dunja Knebl and Kornel gave us accomodation. They are really good friends.

    Dunja had made a special-occasion party for us and all of them showered us with the hips of the good vibrations. Mance was there also. He had his private show. He was a cool guy, no doubt. We all played and sang. Then we went out for a drink and the "show" went on.

    "Mochvara" is the sorta place which I like very much. It's neither small (I don't like small places), nor too big. "It killed itself" for the alternative concerts.

    Our gig started after midnight after the gig of ŠUMSKI that Kornel and friends played at a café nearby "Mochvara".

    Enough people came to see the gig. I don't' know how many, over hundred. Hundred and fifty probably. The media hadn't shown up, just a few of them. Someone said that a great number of people and media-staff had preffered the show of certain "Tompson", the new huge "idol" of "patriotic pop" music, which took place the same night. And it is so. This guy is very popular and he is capable to attract and gather 20 000 or even 40 000 souls. We don't care!

    The sound was good, the video was alright. Some people were satisfied, some were disgusted (they left), and some were amazed. Afterward, they came to congratulate and talk a little bit with us.

    We kept drinking and having fun.

    Thanks to Jen Kitty.

  • Mostar, October 19th, 2002

    The gig in Mostar was as good as that one in Budapest. And the fun we had after the gig was great. This place "Kolaps" has some specific "schmeck" because its position. The staff, Nedim, Dženan, Džemal and others had just renewed the club, adapting it for the gigs that are to happend in the winter. There are two cute spaces in there. The upper one, with the bar, tables and jukebox, and the lower one downstairs where the stage is situated. The second one is covered with huge windows on one side and it is really nice to watch the river NERETVA running close down below you.

    The adaptation-work in the "Kolaps" had literarly been finished several hours before we came. So we were the first band playing there after the renewing.

    As we played, the mood in audience had been arising and there was a lot of girls' screaming and the signs of approval. I didn't want the atmosphere to slip out from our hands so that could turn out into an ugly commercial show. So we controlled the "thing" wanting to avoid the possible elements of pop entertainment.

    We were great I think. And people were great also.

    Later on, we were drawn in into a well-mooded group of boys and girls.

    After all, we ended up with five girls. You won't believe. The two of us and the five girls around. These were not top-models, but still, very cute, may I presume. At the and, early in the morning, we left the club altogether. It might had been around 5 AM.

    We had a short, nightmaric sleep, and when we got up, Dženan's mother offered us coffy and fruits, than we got back to the club. Last words, saying hello, pick up the instruments and we were already in the Armin's car on the way to Travnik.

    Mostar, it was much better than we expected. I'd like SCH to visit the place again.

    Thanks to Jen Kitty.

  • Travnik, October 20th, 2002

    The concert in Travnik at the ALTER-ART club was a complete fiasco. We are going to forget it as soon as possible. They have good equipment there and the people who work there are okay. Still, the place isn't visited as frequently as it should be. So, there is nothing special to be reported about this SCH gig in Travnik. Pity.

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